2009 Pre Academy

2009 Pre Academy

Unity • Humility • Passion • Respect • Tradition

Our Mission

"To build the best club in the country. A club that positively impacts the development of our players on and off the field and positively impacts our community."

Team Leaders

Below are team leaders in the featured statistical areas. To see more details on individual players, please use the available menu to choose a player to see their season and career statistics and more information.

Goals Leaders

RankPlayerGoalsAppearancesWin Ratio
1Alex Jundt4475.00
2Porter Allen2475.00
3Barrett McLaughlin1771.43
4Matteo Savens15100.00
5Brady Locker1475.00

Assists Leaders

RankPlayerAssistsAppearancesWin Ratio
1Porter Allen1475.00
2Cruz Gonzalez1475.00
3Jacob Kiser01070.00
4Barrett McLaughlin0771.43
5Alex Jundt0475.00

Most Appearances

RankPlayerAppearancesWin Ratio
1Jacob Kiser1070.00
2Landon Boland1080.00
3Colton Harp1070.00
4Evan Apte1080.00
5Tarik Nuhanovic1080.00

Wins Leaders

RankPlayerAppearancesWin Ratio
1Matteo Savens5100.00
2Landon Boland1080.00
3Evan Apte1080.00
4Tarik Nuhanovic1080.00
5Jack McAndrew977.78
2009 Pre Academy

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