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Online Fundraising

Online Fundraising

Schools, teams and organizations all need funds for various reasons, whether it be uniforms, classroom technology or supplies. Our online platform allows for safe, convenient and a modern approach to fundraising. This is why we developed the successful system that we have. We have developed a new approach to fundraising that not only benefits the organization raising the funds, but also the businesses that contribute to their efforts.

Built for Everyone

Built for Everyone

With mobile apps accounting for 86% of the time spent on a mobile device, there was absolutely no way we could pass up being a mobile company. More people access the Internet on mobile than desktop, that means anything from Safari on iOS to the Facebook and YouTube mobile apps. The percentage of mobile over desktop is only increasing, and may climb as high as 70% in coming years. However, we also know that most purchases are made via desktop, which is why we have combined our efforts for your organization.

Features for All

Features for All

We know how frustrating it can get when your child, student, athlete, neighbor or grandchild continuously hits you up for various fundraisers and donations. That’s why we’ve created a fundraising platform that not only rewards the organization, but rewards the buyer as well. Take advantage of exclusive offers from your favorite restaurants and stores, while also earning “Reward Points” on your profile to be applied to your next fundraising purchase. Your athlete and team depends on your loyalty just as much as we do, and we intend to show you our appreciation.

Features Overview

A modern day approach to traditional fundraising efforts.


Fundraising efforts and platforms built for today’s athlete, team and student.


Raising funds for your organziation is as easy as sharing to your favorite social network.

Timely Deals

Create an urgency for your fundraising; deals are reached by both time and volume deadlines.


Fundraising efforts sent via Push Notifications to your supporter’s mobile device.


Drive supporters to local businesses in your community through geo-location notifications.

Year Round

Fundraising efforts are not limited to once a year, earn money for your group year round.

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