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Make the Most of YOUR Opportunity

Make the Most of YOUR Opportunity

This time of year always gets me excited. It is the start of the high school sports season, as well as, the start of my kids’ favorite sports seasons. As a former coach, and an avid sports fan, I always enjoy seeing athletes get a fresh start on a new season; and to see what players took advantage of the offseason to make themselves a better player and teammate; and who remained stagnant or satisfied with their current situation.

However, it is also this time of year that brings a lot drama and tension to teams, as well as, parent and coach relationships. I came across the quote below on twitter, and it really got me thinking about my actions as a parent, my expectations for my kids and my relationship with their coaches. The quote goes:
“This time of year athletes, as well as parents, get wrapped up about who is on JV and who is on Varsity. Control what you can control. Take advantage of any opportunity you are given, not the ones you’re not.”

I’ll admit it, I’ve gotten wrapped up in the drama and competitiveness, but I’ve also learned from my mistakes. Also, I  have reflected on things I could have done different and ways my kids could have handled their situations differently. But, to be honest, is there really ever a situation until the parent gets involved? Sorry, I regress, but my point is; not every athlete is going to be given the same opportunity or treated the same.

Nevertheless, every athlete and parent can do their best to make the most of every opportunity given to them, whether it is in practice or games. Stop worrying about what other players get to do, who they get to train with or what team they play for. Instead, focus on the extra playing time your athlete may get with another team or even the opportunity to train with a different group of athletes; sometimes new scenery is a good thing.

In the end, the Fall sports season is an exciting time. It’s a new school year, new teachers, new classmates and a completely new season for athletes. The sports season will come with its ups and downs, and there will be times when your athlete may get frustrated and may even want to quit; but look for the positive moments in the season and remind them to take advantage of everyone of their opportunities.

Craig Allen

Passionate about my family, faith and of course sports. Love watching my kids' sporting events. I design and develop websites that make people's lives simpler.

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