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Great Ways to Make Your Sports Website Stand Out

Great Ways to Make Your Team Website Stand Out

Creating your own team website is easier said than done, but with NEXT PLAY and our developers running and updating your platform, the process can be as easy as making a layup. However, creating a team website is one thing, but attracting relevant traffic to your website is another.

To make people want to visit your team website, you’ll need to make it appealing and useful. So, here are some features from NEXT PLAY to make your team’s website look appealing and drive traffic.

News Streams

Current news about players, sporting events and tournaments should be steadily available on your team website. Parents and fans consider you to be the link between them and their team, so keeping them up to date about their team will ensure steady traffic. It’s also important that the news should not only be frequent and current, but also accurate.

Season Schedules

Schedules of matches including information about when teams will be playing, as well as against who and where these matches will be played is a must have feature you should have on your website.

DateHomeTime/ResultsAwaySeasonVenue Field
Fall 2019SLSG Soccer Park 5B
Fall 2019Lou Fusz Soccer Complex 7A or 7B
Fall 2019Lou Fusz Soccer Complex 7A or 7B
Fall 2019Lou Fusz Soccer Complex 7A or 7B
Fall 2019Lou Fusz Soccer Complex 7A or 7B
Fall 2019Lou Fusz Soccer Complex 7A or 7B
Fall 2019SLSG Soccer Park 3B
Fall 2019SLSG Soccer Park 3B
Fall 2019SLSG Soccer Park 2A
Fall 2019SLSG Soccer Park 2A
Fall 2019SLSG Soccer Park 2A
Fall 2019SLSG Soccer Park 2A

Team Rosters

The players that make up the entire team, those who play in games and matches and put in the work at practice, as well as player details; are all things users look for in a strong team website. Certainly, a team roster that is regularly updated would be treasured by parents and fans.

#PlayerPositionGoalsAssistsAppsWin %Draw %Loss %
0Jacob KiserDefender, Forward00333.330.0066.67
1Barrett McLaughlinDefender00366.670.0033.33
2Alex JundtForward905100.000.000.00
3Andrew HammondDefender, Midfielder204100.000.000.00
4Matteo SavensForward00475.000.0025.00
5Jack HennessyForward205100.000.000.00
6Foster LloydDefender00366.670.0033.33
7Brady LockerDefender, Forward00366.670.0033.33
8Kyle SkaggsDefender, Forward00666.670.0033.33
9Landon BolandDefender00757.1414.2928.57
10Noah KappelerDefender10333.330.0066.67
11Porter AllenForward, Midfielder114100.000.000.00

League Standings

Fully automated standings give you the relief of knowing your league tables are always up to date. Fans and parents love seeing how their team is doing, as well as, other teams in their league. League Standings are a great way to get visitors to your website, even from other teams!



Attract new sponsors by offering them advertising space on your website! The team at NEXT PLAY understands the rising costs of youth sports, we have players of our own, so be assured that sponsorship opportunities are available on your website to help pay for league and tournament fees, as well as, your team’s website.

Finally, the main importance of a team website is to keep all the information in one place, so that it is easily accessible for parents and fans. Also, when building your team website on NEXT PLAY, our developers will help to eliminate any unnecessary features that would clutter your site.

With a reasonable budget and the experienced team of experts at NEXT PLAY, creating your website is a piece of cake.

Next, be on the look out for mobile app that will be launching later this year, which will include all teams on our platform, as well as, team notifications and social features for NEXT PLAY athletes. Our end goal is an attractive, informative and easily accessible sports platform that will keep your fans coming back, as well as, parents and players informed.

Craig Allen

Craig Allen

Passionate about my family, faith and of course sports. Love to play golf when the opportunity presents itself, but my favorite hobby is watching my kids' sporting events. Huge fan of technology, and love it even more when it is combined with sports. Words to live by, "In life and in sports, the most important play is the NEXT PLAY."


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